ARC Sorting facility

ARC will establish and operate an ARC Sorting Facility as a centre for innovation, knowledge and green growth within the resource and waste area.

The Sorting Facility will have focus on the sorting of recyclable resources from the residual waste collected from residents in ARC's catchment area. This means that the Sorting Facility will support the recycling of the resources and ensure that they can gain a new life for other residents or companies.

This is an innovation compared to the existing methods of handling the residual waste from residents, whereby only the recyclable materials sorted by residents are sent for recycling.

The sorting facility will be offered in to separate tenders. One for buildings and one for process plant. Se the following links to the tenders: 

ARC Sorting facility - 03 Tender – Building:

ARC Sorting facility - 04 Tender - Process plant:


For instruction for applicants see this document: Instruction for applicants